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Hitler Rothschild Kökenlidir!

Rothschild-Hitler Soyağacı

Birinci Dünya Savaşının galibi İngiltere'dir. İngiliz devletini yöneten unsur kraliyet hanedanlığıdır. Bilindiği gibi İngilizler, Almanlar, Hollandalılar ve Fransızlar gibi Cermen milletinin bir mensubudurlar.
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İşte bu İngiltere devleti, kendisinin bir uzantısı olan Amerikan devleti ve Almanya devletindeki bazı aile şirketlerini, şeytani tarikatları ve hükümet nezdindeki önemli kişileri kullanarak(ve ayrıca onları büyütüp, ünlü yapıp, sahneye çıkartıp ve sonrasındada besleyip), Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sistemini İkinci Dünya Savaşı öncesinde ve sırasında kurmaya çalışmak istemiştir ve başarılı olmuştur.
Nasıl başarılı olmuştur ve bu Devlet+Mafya-Tarikat-Gladyo sisteminin içinde kimler var?
Devlet: İngiltere-Amerika.
Devleti Yöneten Hanedan(İngiliz/Cermen Milletine Hizmet Ediyor): Windsor(İngiliz Cermen Kökenli) ve Rothschild(Hazar Türk Kökenli) sülalelerinin karışımı
Mafya: Rockefeller-Rothschild-JP Morgan gibi sülale şirketleri
Tarikat: İlluminati, Mason, Bilderberg gibi şeytani tarikatlar
Gladyo: İngilizlerin kontrolünde olan Faşist İktidarlar: İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Hitler ve Kukla Nazi Devleti/Hükümeti, ve İngiliz Ajanı Kukla Stalin ve Lenin'in Sovyetler Birliği'nin Yıkımını Amaçlayan Yeni Sovyet Devleti/Hükümeti.
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Hitler Rothschild Kökenlidir!

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 11 Eki 2011, 01:44

Rothschild-Hitler Soyağacı

There are various forms of family tree.

1. The Normal family tree is based upon two unrelated people who marry and have a child who then marries someone who is not a relative and they have a child, each time splitting the family's finances, both when the child remarries and if and when the parents divorce.

However, there are other forms of family tree including:

2. The Paedophile's family tree, where a paedophile victim begets a paedophile victim who begets a paedophile victim. When the paedophiles get together ('twins') they promote their friends' paedophile victims and then use them for cover based on fear and guilt of being exposed.
This blackmail paedophile family tree has been so successful, it covers over 90% of all important positions, leaving the world effectively controlled and manipulated by paedophiles, for paedophiles. Check your social policy - they're behind it. Their primary contribution to society has been the destruction of the family and the removal of the protective biological father from that family.

3. The Royal Paedophile family tree, where the victims of paedophilia and child sex abuse are kept under wraps, either by promotion, demotion (slander and drugs) or murder.

4. The Royal Illegitimate family tree, where the Fitz-Royals are given lifelong positions in the colonies and never have to do a day's work. Their main role is to provide children for paedophilia during royal visits (New Zealand in 1921, 1927, 1934, 1953-4) and a ready supply of children to British paedophiles on holiday. They, or their minders, have the power to invoke DoRAs (Defence of the Realm Act) in which the British Embassy orders the country's Intelligence service to pick up the British paedophile and escort them out of the country without charges being laid.

The chief representative of Lloyds in New Zealand, John Gill, was a case in point. Always immaculately dressed in a three-piece suit,

Possibly due to the prolific sideways rooting of the Rothschilds, few of the Rothschild children looked alike. Brothers were soft looking/ mean looking, had a full head of hair/no hair, had aristocratic bearing/ thug bearing etc.
The illegitimate children of royalty carried the prefix 'Fitz'. The illegitimate children of Rothschild were sometimes called 'Roth', 'Roths' or 'Child' when they were financial allies and runners for the Rothschild bank. During WWI, Adolf Hitler-Rothschild was a runner at the front, and unlike most runners, he survived.

Illegitimate Rothschilds have their family trees thoroughly confused when they were bred for 'enemies at war'. This was the case with the Hitler family, whose family tree is one of the most confused in history.
Adolf's father, Alois Hitler, was a Fitz-Rothschild who had his surname changed and family history thoroughly confused. This meant that his issue (descendants) were to be used as agents of war. Commensurate with this, body doubles would be needed for whomever became the primary agent of war.

To achieve this, Lionel Nathan Rothschild spent much of his time breeding illegitimate children with Maria Anna Schicklgruber and lookalikes around the German-speaking world. It wasn't too hard for him to get laid. Most of the women were extremely poor, and the promise of a child funded during its early years, followed by guaranteed work, was enough seduction for most servant women. Hitler even mentions this in his after-dinner speeches, stating with awe that publishers were a fine example.

The greatest number of declared and acknowledged illegitimate children by one Rothschild is twenty. These were to be used as financial runners, kind of human homing pigeons carrying the results of war, credit notes and recall notices if the debtor didn't obey the Rothschild plans for their money.

None of the Rothschilds acknowledged their illegitimate children created for war. If Lionel Nathan Rothschild had one illegitimate child of war, why not twenty? Certainly, such a breeding programme would create their agent of war, with enough doppelgangers to cover for them as and when was necessary. This made the Rothschilds even richer . . . and richer over a desolate Europe.


Lionel Nathan Rothschild (22 Nov. 1808 -3 June 1879) had sex with the servant Maria Anna Schicklgruber on 31 August 1836 and produced Alois Hitler (7 June 1837 -3 January 1903). Alois has the same bearing as Lionel and his nose, flat cheeks and chin are very similar to Lionel's father, Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

Lionel was 27 when he did the deed, and officially his father Nathan Mayer Rothschild1 had died five weeks earlier of an infected abscess. During this time of limited medical knowledge, any prominenti dying of syphilis officially died of something more honourable - like King George VI who died of "lung cancer" as a cover for his 'syphilis'. However, in Nathan Mayer's case, it was something different.

Nathan Mayer officially died of "an infected abscess" at the age of 58. Rothschilds traditionally have a long life expectancy, and Nathan Mayer Rothschild's early death is suspicious. His male siblings lived to an average age of 76 (another 18 years), his father lived to 68 and his mother 95. Four of his siblings then died in 1855.

In Golden Dawn coven language these were occult sacrifices, and "1855" reads as "one occult master forever". As Nathan Mayer Rothschild was the financial head of the Rothschild banking dynasty, it was 'normal' for him to 'die' and then carry on mentoring his son, which led to Hitler.


... was once again exposed as being the man behind the US Government, with all of the Republican government listening to him.
Henry Kissinger is the highest-ranking Mossad agent in America. Since 1980 he has been history's biggest killer, bigger than Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and Roosevelt. The Twin Towers bombing was self-sabotage by the American president with Israeli backing. Again, it was the Gentiles who were killed by Jews (the Jews had been warned not to go to work that day), with the hit being blamed on Arabs.

The Second Baron Rothschild had no wife or issue and the real loves of his life were his 2,250,000 butterflies, 30,000 beetles, 500,000 bird skins and eggs and one of the world's largest collections of dead birds. He established a private zoological museum at Tring Park in Hertfordshire, had kangaroos jumping around the garden, bred edible mice called glis-glis, kept dogs that he ate meals with, and harnessed zebras to draw his carriage. He also drove them through the streets of London. You can't get much more eccentric than that.

The Second Baron Rothschild (1868-1937) shared the same grandfather with Adolf Hitler (Lionel Nathan Rothschild), and it was essential for the creation of Israel that his first cousin Adolf Hitler gain power over Germany. This objective was threatened when Adolf Hitler-Rothschild murdered his live-in girlfriend-niece, Geli Raubal, in September 1931 while at the same time preparing for the 1932 presidential elections against Hindenburg. There was no way the Rothschilds were going to let any of this make it to print. It would destroy the title 'Baron', the name 'Rothschild', make WWII look like a banker's hoax, the monied Jews as 'monied treason', and the Second Baron Rothschild would lose his title and much of his influence.

As it turned out, 2BR was bankrupted and lost his life.
Soon after Hitler's murder of his niece, the Second Baron Rothschild was blackmailed by a woman whose identity is unknown to this day. The payout was so huge 2BR was forced to sell his vast bird collection to the American Museum of Natural History in New York the same year.

The cover story for this is that Second Baron Rothschild had "a long-ago sexual affair with a peeress". This sounds feminine enough, but a peeress is a male who is waiting to inherit his title on his father's death. Homosexual practices amongst British nobility were so common that if you didn't indulge in a bit of arse-fucking you were on the outer eating cold shoulder for breakfast.
This was a cover story for something much bigger.

Upon further investigation, Second Baron Rothschild would have looked like an eccentric madman and his resemblance to the equally nutty Alois Hitler would have been noted. His uncle Alois Hitler looked like the dumber cousin. Neither were bright, although they could be passionate about their interests.

A Scottish OR's (other ranks) analogy from WWI went something like this . . . "A zebra goes to this big flash farm and talks to two other animals and asks them what they do on this farm and they tell him what they do. The zebra then goes to a big black bull sitting all alone in the field and says 'What do you do on this farm?' and the bull replies, 'Take those silly fucking pyjamas off and I'll show you what I do'."



The Trawler Wars and expanding 3BR's Cold War

When Israel ran out of heavy water supplied by Norway (1947-61) it was New Zealand that produced it at the British-owned Wairakei Geothermal Power Station in Taupo in the centre of New Zealand's North Island.
New Zealand was the principal supplier of heavy water to Western nations from 1961 until demand ceased (c. 1972). The international demand was so heavy, portions of the Napier wharf collapsed during delivery and these deliveries were always surrounded by Americans in military vehicles, including female CIA 'jockeys', who were 6'3", and weighed in at 17 stone - only good for Clydesdale races.

The CIA were based at the Poronui Stud, supposedly training horses, complete with "NO DEER HUNTING" and "NO-FLY OVER ZONE", a high barbed wire fence, armed guards, and an airstrip capable of landing planes which flew heavy water direct to Fiji.

The CIA were supported by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) who moved their headquarters from Wellington to Flights Holiday Camp at Taupo because they "found it a better place for listening to the rest of New Zealand". The SIS thought their location was a well kept secret, but a Dutch communist who worked for the Post & Telegraph, and walked the streets of Taupo selling the Peoples Voice, gave them the phone number 1066. All three locations were on Russia's nuclear hit list for the duration of the Cold War. In close proximity, one nuke would have got them all.


When heavy water was no longer required, New Zealand was once again brought into the nuclear programme. George Herbert Bush, as part of the Shadow World Government and the United States Government, helped to negotiate the expansion of the Cold War by increasing the parameters by which the Cold War was a joint venture between the US and the USSR.

American and Russian fishing trawlers were in a joint venture during the Cold War, and wherever American fishing trawlers went, Russian fishing trawlers had to follow. To ensure this happened, American fishing trawlers dangled sub-surface speakers below their trawlers playing recordings of American nuclear submarines, from normal cassette tapes no less. Russian fishing trawlers followed and alerted their Russian nuclear submarines, and then the real American nuclear submarines would follow the Russian nuclear submarines wherever the American fishing trawlers led them.

Thus, American fishing trawlers dangling speakers playing submarine music spread the Cold War to the far reaches of the planet, to wherever America wanted to set up surveillance.
This was not another American military blunder, but purposeful war expansion, and it spread the probability for nuclear conflict and placed neutral parties (New Zealand) at the forefront of the Cold War. This resulted in all the Cold War's top spies living in Wellington, and Wellington became the hot spot of the Cold War.

After a while all the spies got to understand New Zealand and the KIWI attitude (Keen Interest Without Intelligence) and they would all meet at the Shamrock Hotel on Rintoul St at 7.30 pm on Friday nights and have a drink together. Everyone spoke to each other except the CIA who kept to themselves.

The New Zealand SIS got sick and tired of following the foreign spies all week so they set up shop in an old man's boarding house two doors up. When you went inside, there were bums sitting on the stairs and the foyer was a mess of crap, but in the rooms there was the most advanced listening equipment available. In this way, the SIS got all of the information they needed from 7.30 pm every Friday night.
Among these top spies were three Vladimir Putins. They all looked like Vladimir Putin and went by the names 'Valenti Putin', 'Alexia Putin' and 'Alexander Putin'. Vladimir Putin was 'Alexia Putin'.


When I contacted the Russian Embassy via the Auckland Public Library on 7 May 2003 and asked them if Vladimir Putin had ever been in New Zealand, they replied "No, but we get asked that question a lot. The only time he had been in New Zealand was during the 1999 APEC conference" . . . so here's the photo of Putin in Wellington in 1986.

Hiding Cold War Meetings

In Fiordland, on the south-west coast of New Zealand's South Island, there are sub-surface magnetic anomalies. These allow submarines to hide undetected. Fiordland is very unpopulated. There are virtually no permanent residents, only tourist parties in the summer and these have only expanded since the end of the Cold War. Most of the terrain is so rugged, helicopters and seaplanes are required. Even horses and four-wheel motorbikes don't cut it.
Israel used Fiordland for land-based military training and the American and Russian trawlers and submarines would hole up there.

Israel's General Moshe Ya'alon went to New Zealand and negotiated with Helen Clark in late November 2006 to use it again for jungle warfare training. The exchange was Afghan heroin and any murders the Labour Party wanted.

This made Fiordland a centre for Cold War parties. American trawlers would draw in the Russian trawlers, which would draw in the Russian nuclear-armed submarines, which would draw in the America nuclear-armed submarines, and the Israelis on military exercises would then communicate with all the parties and give instructions.

The magnetic anomolies made the Russian and American submarines undetectable. The American submarines didn't have to move until the American trawlers moved, and the American trawlers didn't move until they had finished seducing the female crew on the Russian trawlers.

On one occasion, this resulted in a jealous Russian fisherman murdering his girlfriend and then throwing her body overboard in a New Zealand harbour. One of the few deaths of the Cold War, this raised some suspicion, but still did not give away their travel patterns.

On another occasion a Russian submarine was travelling along the bottom of the Cook Strait to avoid detection. It hooked up the Cook Strait cable and broke the power supply to the North Island. This was blamed on a New Zealand fishing trawler, with the media providing ongoing cover for continued war expansion . . . ad infinitum.

Israel's Nuclear Supply

Since 1985, Israel has been capable of producing 10 nuclear warheads per year and currently has over 240 nuclear warheads. Some say nuclear weapons are for nuclear war. Others say nuclear weapons secure trading power. The reality is somewhere in between, and the United Nations has completely failed in its mandate to stop the proliferation of countries with nuclear weapons. It is a far greater number than what is publicly known and even South Africa have stored their nuclear weapons in countries that are nuclear free, like New Zealand.

Instead of reducing the number of nuclear weapons, the nukes have been developed, sold and traded so as to be untraceable during war. Neutral countries with nice names like Sweden are party to this.
Israel is now using nuclear-tipped weapons that vaporise people in the oil-and-contracts-for-Halliburton war in Iraq. This saves counting vaporised Iraquis as collateral damage and helps to maintain the United Nations' applied ignorance, commensurate with their status as the Sodomy Olympics, better known as the Diplomatic Corp.

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