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Wallis Simpson Bir Erkekmiydi?

Burada Gizli İngiliz Ajanı Adolf Hitler'in Faaliyetleri hakkında önemli başlıklar bulabilirsiniz.

Wallis Simpson Bir Erkekmiydi?

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Tem 2012, 11:25

Was Wallis Simpson a Man

Wallis Simpson was born a man, but then so are a lot of women. She was in the range of AIS Grade 4/5, commonly known as fag-hags. These women tend to surround themselves with sexually fringe men and women. They often look manly and often cannot reproduce.

AIS is ‘Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome’. It is the new PC name for ‘Testicular Feminization Syndrome’. It is a biological intersex condition where the reproductive organs/genitalia are partly at variance with the genetic sex.1

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome ranges from Partial AIS (PAIS) to Complete AIS (CAIS). PAIS is the partial rejection of what makes a man. CAIS is the total rejection of what makes a man.

AIS explains the condition where men have small penises and testicles and increased female characteristics and women have increased male characteristics sometimes with testicles and a full dangling penis.

In all of these cases, the child began as XY male fetus with varying degrees of feminization. Here’s how it works.

Androgen Rejection

Up to eight weeks gestation every fetus (male or female) has the capacity to develop either reproductive system and all fetus’ begin as female. To create an XY male, androgens (male hormones) are required and full acceptance of androgens creates an XY male, complete with fully functioning twig and giggle berries.

At any time during the gestation of an XY male baby (from 8 to 40 weeks) if the androgen is rejected, then feminization occurs. Androgen rejection can continue on until the end of puberty. This creates varying degrees of fertility from a fully functioning man to a fully functioning woman and feminization occurs at varying degrees from a feminized male to a masculinized female.

This is different from transsexuality (Gender Dysphoria) which identifies as belonging to the other sex; and is different from transvestitism, which is dressing as a woman, as was the case with the Duke of Kent.

The Gender Circle

An XX female is born a female and grows up to be a female. An XY male is born a male and grows up to be a male. Males with Androgen Insensitivity Grade 1 have normal sized genitalia with some feminine characteristics and some infertility, but generally reproduce as men. Grade 2 have smaller penises. Grade 3 have penises that don’t function sexually. Grade 4 is intersexed. Grade 5 looks like a female with masculinized genitalia and may be able to give birth. Grade 6 is more feminine and can generally reproduce. Grade 7 is the super feminine woman, but was an XY male at some point in the womb.

Grade 1 is the male phenotype and Grade 7 is the female phenotype.

There are two methods of grading intersexed states. The first is by grading it from Partial AIS (PAIS) to Complete AIS (CAIS). The butch feminists (XY males with Partial AIS) use this method. They go on and on about how their enlarged genitalia causes male rejection and isolates them, so they start up pink bannered websites in a bleating search of other XY males who look like women but have male bits. The second method is the AIS Clinical Grading Scheme for the phenotypic features (external appearance) modelled on the Prader Classification for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH).

Grading the Look and the Feel

PAIS ranges from the feminized male to the masculinized female with CAIS as the feminine female stemming from an XY chromosome (male). With AIS the outward genital appearance can lie anywhere along a continuum from Grade 1 (masculine and obviously male when dressed) to Grade 7 (feminine and obviously female when dressed).

The AIS grades are as follows:

Grade 1: Normal sized male genitalia but with reduced virility at puberty and occasionally infertile. The penis, testicles and anus are separate.

Grade 2: Slightly smaller penis and/or testicles, one or both. Not so masculine.

Grade 3: Small penis and undescended testicles (cryptochidism) and Reifenstein syndrome. Hitler had this. It was not uncommon to the Rothschilds and illegitimate Rothschilds.

Grade 4: Ambiguous gender, mixed gender genitalia. Hard to tell whether it’s a clitoris or a penis. This masculinized vagina looks like two testicles wrapped around a hole with a penis the size of a large clitoris and huge labia often drooping down to the anus - the party surprise only a select few want. The laybia looks like testicles on ice and a common response is “She’s a man”.

Some say “the penis has been reduced to a urogenital sinus and the testicles have become labioscrotal folds”. The two holes can get pretty close together and occasionally become one. The fanny and the pisser are fused and the anus is knocking on the door for a drink.

Grade 5: It’s a female with separate urethral and vaginal orifices with a mildly enlarged clitoris (penis on ice) and only a small degree of fusion between the clitoris and anus.

Grade 6: Normal female who has developed dark coarse pubic and armpit hair at puberty.

Grade 7: Complete AIS female (CAIS) fail to develop armpit or pubic hair (downy hair only) and breasts range in size from normal to huge Tanner stage V breast. Many of these AIS Grade 7 females have no pubic or underarm hair, small pale nipples and short vaginas which need to be lengthened by masturbation, sometimes for years before intercourse.

Very sexy women can be Androgen Insensitive so don’t give them any. As an added bonus they can still be lactating when their youngest is five. This is the super-female and many AIS Grade 7 have been photographer’s models [AIS 007].

An XY male child Grades 1-3 is raised as a boy and an XY child Grades 5-7 is raised as a girl. An XY child Grade 4 is quite intersexed and the parents generally decide how the child will be dressed.


The AIS child is conceived with male (XY) chromosomes. The embryonic testes develop inside the body and start to produce androgens, but due to androgen rejection, the external genitalia develop along female lines with the development of internal female organs suppressed by a hormone from the testes. This is known as the Mullerian Inhibitory Factor (MIF) and results in females with small male genitalia and males with small male genitalia.

Dressed males are perceived as feminine around AIS Grade 3. The problem with gender perception around dressed females occurs around AIS Grade 4 and 5. AIS Grade 4 may have a penis. AIS Grade 4 & 5 are generally raised as a female, but their genitalia are quite masculine.


A lot of these AIS Grade 4 and 5 were popping up all over the States during the 1920s and 30s and they were actually called “Androids”. Their main trait was lack of menstruation and inability to have children. The CIA became very interested in these androids and they recruited Adolf Eichmann and John Money.

In 1947 John Money was recruited from New Zealand to the Psychiatric Institute of the University of Pittsburgh and then onto Harvard University (CIA) where he got a Ph.D. Money was used for AIS research amongst twins and he became known for a controversial gender-change case. After a botched circumcision he had David Reimer’s parents raise their son David as a girl. This resulted in David Reimer’s suicide on 5 May 2004.

Adolf Eichmann escaped Germany in 1947 and spent a year in a Catholic monastery where he was given a new identity and passport as Ricardo Klement. In 1948 he escaped to Argentina and worked for the CIA (1948-60) until he was kidnapped by the Mossad in Buenos Aires on 11 May 1960 and taken to Israel for trial.

Money was a CIA operative and Medical Advisor. Eichmann had become a CIA operative and did experiments on twins, but he wasn’t a paedophile, Money was. The CIA were renown for employing and promoting sexually sick academics from post-WWII to the end of the millennium, and especially paedophiles. John Money was no exception and defended paedophilia for the CIA.

Money, with his CIA backed Ph.D., publicly and in writing, put forth the notion, which he backed as an academic (and the CIA backed him as an academic) that paedophilia was the result of “a surplus of parental love”. Money also viewed heterosexuality as “societal, superficial and ideological”. Because Money was backed by the CIA, his academic views held more weight than other academics.

Money’s public paedophile notions were backed by the CIA because those at the top of the CIA were homosexual and paedophiles having been backed into the top ranks of the CIA by communists who ran their intelligence agencies from their record of CIA recruit sexual practices. Those with clean sexual records were never promoted.

Money filmed himself sexually molesting the male of one of the AIS twins. When his paedophilia became too obvious the CIA hastened his death by MAD. He got Parkinson’s disease and this was rapidly advanced. John William Money (8 July 1921-7 July 2006), a Kiwi arsehole.

Wallis Simpson

At eight weeks gestation Baby Wallis (an XY chromosome fetus) began to exhibit an insensitivity to androgens (male hormones including testosterone) and did not fully develop male genitalia. Thus she was born an XY male with female outer genitalia and partially developed male internal genitalia.

She had a female body shape, reduced female characteristics, her breasts, although small, developed at puberty. She had underarm and pubic hair, did not menstruate, had no ovaries, no fallopian tubes, no uterus, could not conceive children and had a small short vagina with internal testicles.

The AIS vagina is at best two-thirds the normal length, and may be no more than a centimetre or two in length, or even just a dimple. This is called Vaginal Hypoplasia or Short Vagina. Vaginal hypoplasia can be treated by the non-surgical method of masturbation from puberty, which actually lengthens the vagina to something approximating normal, depending on the initial vaginal hypoplasia. Wallis enlarged her vagina through masturbation and a prolific sexual appetite.

In Wallis Simpson’s case, she was known as the ‘Shanghai Squeeze’ and was said to have had “the ability to make a matchstick fell like a Havana cigar”. Wallis Simpson was AIS Grade 4/5. Wallis Simpson was born a man.

Edward, Prince of Wales/King Edward VIII

Some PAIS babies may be raised as males as was the case with King Edward VIII who had a small penis and was rampantly homosexual prior to his weeklong engagement to the Queen Mother, and his subsequent arranged meeting with Wallis Simpson. She was the only person who seemed able to satisfy Prince Edward and she used to skite about it.

Edward, Prince of Wales was AIS Grade 3 and had a small penis and undescended testicles. Wallis Simpson was AIS Grade 4/5 with a small vagina and internalised male sexual organs. Both men and women with AIS have problems with fertility. Even slight AIS can contribute to infertility in otherwise normal men and both Edward and Wallis were infertile.

An AIS Grade 4/5 and Grade 5 trait is to destroy the sexuality and direction of drive of the live-in male partner. AIS Grade 3 men tend to travel diligently in the direction they’re given, until another direction is given and they bounce in that new direction. Hence Wallis Simpson could treat King Edward VIII as her lapdog - birds of a feather flock together.

AIS Grade 3 men tend to be taxi drivers, whether political or physical. Hitler was AIS Grade 3 and was a political taxi driver. His High Command often complained about his constant change of direction.


XY females with testes (AIS Grade 4) have lower oestrogen levels than XX females with ovaries (normal) and XY CAIS females (AIS Grade 7), who are immune to being masculinized due to their complete insensitivity to androgens. The CAIS Grade 7 are known for their huge Tanner stage V breasts, model looks and masculine drive.

However at puberty XY females with testes’ can spontaneously feminize. If this does not occur, their gonads can be removed aged 20. This is called a Gonadectomy or Orchidectomy. A Gonadectomy can bring about osteoporosis (bone thinning), menopause and cardiovascular disease and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is recommended. HRT also helps initiate puberty in 10-11-year-old AIS females.

Skin grafts and sections from the intestine can be used to lengthen the vagina, but vaginoplasty should be avoided in early childhood.

With today’s technology, “it might be possible for primitive sperm material extracted from intact AIS testes to be used to fertilise a donor egg.”3 That is, Wallis Simpson may have been able to conceive a child as the male and use an egg donor and rent-a-womb - thus giving her the possibility of half the King’s ransom.

In 50% of the AIS Grade 4/5 females, the undescended testes can result in a groin hernia during infancy. In the remaining 50% undescended testes may not be discovered until a failure to menstruate at puberty. The AIS Grade 4/5 adult will look like a girl and can lean towards any sexuality. AIS adult females with their testes removed say their testes never bothered them.

Androids in New Zealand

The condition of females being perceived as men is common in New Zealand, especially in politics, and especially in the Labour Party (New Communist) where many of the females have few female characteristics, have not reproduced and have married homosexuals and child-sex abusers as a form of mutual cover. (The Moneys in the Bag.)

When these Grade 4 & 5 women are heard on the radio they sound like men. Some of these masculine females (who actually feminized males) resort to hormone replacement therapy, but it doesn't seem to work for ong, and certainly not between election photos and election speeches. Thus, in mid-term politics, New Zealanders are treated to masculine sounding AIS Grade 4 & 5 females who have enlarged their vaginas through masturbation, often helping each other in the process. This has resulted in the Labour Party being correctly diagnosed as “Fabian Fisters” and “Butch Lesbians”. The Androgenous fist fight is a long journey to the middle.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark is a case in point. She has the dressed appearance of AIS Grade 4/5 and looks a lot like the AIS Grade 3 Adolf Hitler. Both were 56 years old when last photographed.

Amongst the tea ladys of the civil service, Helen Clark is known as “Mrs Bull” and there is some truth to the statement “She’s a man”.

Baby Helen was conceived an XY male and at some later date she rejected the androgen but retained a lot of the male characteristics.

Medically it can be said that Helen Clark was born male.

What is so scary is that this SheMan, with her voluntary radical hysterectamy in 1976/7, is touted as being the next Secretary General of the United Nations. That would make her a SheDevil.

AIS has previously been known as Androgen Resistance Syndrome, Feminizing Testes Syndrome, Male Pseudohermaphroditism, Goldberg-Maxwell Syndrome (CAIS), Morris’s Syndrome (CAIS), Lub’s Syndrome (PAIS), Gilbert-Dreyfus Syndrome (PAIS), Reifenstein Syndrome (PAIS) and Rosewater Syndrome (PAIS). Either a lot of sex doctors were Jews or a lot of Jews were inter-sexed. Other XX female conditions with some AISTike features include: Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome and Mullerian dysgenesis. Other XY male conditions with some AlS-like features include: 5 alpha-reductase deficiency, 17 keto-steroid reductase deficiency, Denys-Drash Syndrome, Leydig cell hypoplasia, Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome and Swyer Syndrome (XY gonadal dysgenesis).

The Danish patient register, 1992 “suggesting an incidence of 1 in 20,400 XY births (hospitalized cases only, so true incidence probably higher). PAIS may be only about 1/10 as common as CAIS.”

Source, AIS website and AllaS newsletter, w w w.medhelp.org.


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