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James Bond

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James Bond

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James Bond

Enter the cult figure - James Bond (18), morphic resonances’ main man of the twentieth century. All hail Bond, for through him, we shall bond. His name is laced with British and European history: James, Jesus’ brother, second born in ADI (or ADO for the pedantic), conceived in the first week of December 1BC, and born to set the clocks on the 15 September ADO, having the highest qualities of integrity and investigative intuition, the Joseph of Aramathea, the Prince of Aramathea, deposed King David and leader of the exiled Davidic teachings, head Druid, tin trader, the original creator of Westminster Law and deposer of Roman Law, Jesus Justice, magic-mushroom eater who sought health and life extension through mineral-rich cunnilingus with virgins of royal lineage, the ladies’ man, the holder of secrets, the true spiritual teacher, the second son of Joseph and Mary, the former prince and priestess of the Davidic and Zadoc lines; James, the original acknowledged parent of the monarchies of Europe, the man who brought culture to babarian Britain - yeah that guy, James, for through him we shall all bond; either that or Ian Fleming actually did pick up the classic ornithological book on his first trip to the Caribbean in November 1944, Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies, written by one James Bond.

On 14 October 1963, Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books and inspiration of the James Bond movies, wrote to John Ainsworth-Davis: “Without any doubt, you and your operation were my secret inspiration for all that followed; a secret that I have never revealed to anyone else.”

John Ainsworth-Davis was also known as Lieutenant-Commander C. J. J. Creighton RN, Christopher John James Creighton, Chris Creighton, Christopher Ainsworth-Davis, Christopher Robin, C.R., with a nom de guerre of‘Leading Seaman John Davis’.

He was born on 13 March 1924, is 6’ 2Vi”, did his first mission at the age of 15Vi in 1940 and became Lieutenant-Commander at just 21 years of age. He was the second leader of Operation JAMES BOND in April/May of 1945 into Berlin. He wrote this up in his 1996 book, OPJB under his given name - Chris Creighton. He was undoubtedly the inspiration for the James Bond series.

His father, John Ainsworth-Davis, went to school at Christ’s College with Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Henry and Bertie, the future King George VI. John Ainsworth-Davis was a gold-medal winner at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics for the 4 x 400 relay and later became a doctor specialising as a genito-urinary surgeon. He raised Chris Creighton at 69 Harley Street, London until he was eight years old. Harley Street was a spies paradise.

One of his ‘uncles’ was Joachim (von) Ribbentrop, the German ‘Champagne General’, a close friend of his father. He took the young James Bond (5) to rugby matches including the All Blacks/Lions game at Twickenham in January 1930. By 1936, this same man was the Nazi Ambassador to London who had sex with Wallis Simpson once a week and passed the British and French secrets on to Hitler.

Ribbentrop was later condemned at Nuremberg to die by hanging. His sentence and execution confirmed he had too many MI-6 connections. If his story got out the entire view of WWII would have been more like this one sixty years earlier.

When he was eight, Chris Creighton’s parents separated and he moved in with his mother onto Winston Churchill’s estate. There, Winston Churchill (1874-1965), Lord Louis Mountbatten (1900-79) and Major Desmond Morton (1891-1971) took the young Christopher Creighton under their wing - as one of their own.

With their paternal guidance, he entered the Royal Navy College at Dartmouth (close to Tavistock) in September 1939, aged 15‘/2. During his training the young Chris Creighton was given German POWs whose records had been fabricated with atrocities and was encouraged to kill them. He was given a licence to kill but there wasn’t a tuxedo in sight. Almost immediately he went on his first mission and was issued with a silent single-shot Wellrod pistol. His cover was often as a boy pushing a bicycle and most German officers didn’t give him a second look.

Ian Fleming (1908-64) had been the victor ludorum (champion athlete) at Eton for two years, went to the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, became an agent, worked with Reuters in Moscow (1929-33), learnt German in Austria and further studied languages at Munich and Geneva Universities (1933-39) and was a banker and stockbroker as cover.

Ian Fleming had the luck of the Irish. Part of his brief was intelligence gathering from POW camps and one of these was at Grizedale Hall in the Lake District which he used to visit from London in his open-tourer Bentley. Early in 1941, using leather laundry hamper straps, the German POW, Dieter von Hassel, strapped himself underneath the Bentley. Fleming drove off, got lost on a country road (most road signs were taken down during the war) and got stuck in a wide stream.

As Fleming went for help the stream flooded, and the German officer, one of the Luftwaffe’s greatest escape artists, drowned. Fleming knew nothing about it until he was towed out of the stream and back to Grizedale Hall by a woman on a horse.

Fleming was quite upset and said, “It’s absolutely tragic to have killed a chap in such circumstances.” The Guard Sergeant replied, “I wouldn’t worry about that Sir. He’s still dead.”

The horsewoman had been hiding German prisoners of war (Leutnant Herbult Shultz and Leutnant Victor Molde) using them as concubines and farm help. The last escaper surrendered to police in 1949 not knowing that the war had ended or that Hitler had reportedly suicided. He was being used as a sex-slave long after everyone else had gone home. He was reportedly gutted by his own discovery that he had stayed on four years after the war. He wanted the horsewoman arrested but the police declined amid great mirth.

Mrs William Heelis was the tea lady at Grizedale Hall and she got more out of a German serviceman with a cup of tea than interrogators could with pincers (tongs used in torture). She illustrated and published books under the name Beatrix Potter.

The German officer in charge of the POW camp, Commander Otto Kruger, was in contact with Germany and ran the camp as an intelligence-gathering exercise and was very annoyed that the Luftwaffe officer had even tried to escape. Grizedale Hall was a Hogan’s Heroes in reverse.

Kruger’s spectacular coup was offering to repair the roof of the Hall. This was undertaken by German labour and closely supervised by British Guards. A year after it was completed a young RAF pilot, who had got lost earlier that day, contacted the British Commanding Officer and thanked him for the directions painted on the roof of the RAF base. The roof was painted (RAF -*) for the benefit of the Germans.

By 1943, Ian Fleming had distinguished himself in at least five top- secret operations and became Lieutenant-Commander Ian Fleming of the Royal Navy Intelligence Division. He was also the personal assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligence, Rear-Admiral John Godfrey.

Fleming was always ahead of the game and operated with such style and ease that he was referred to as ‘the Chocolate Soldier’. He was a master spy with great connections. His father was Valentine Fleming who was an MP and close friend of Winston Churchill. Ian Fleming was the first ‘James Bond’, if only for a day, and he too took Christopher Creighton under his wing.

Major Desmond Morton created ‘M’ in 1932 as ‘Special Secret intelligence operations’ and was financed and protected by successive monarchs: King George V, King Edward VIII, and King George VI etc. M was directed from Morton’s home in Crockham Hill, near Westerham in Kent, with the enthusiastic support of Winston Churchill, who lived below Desmond Morton’s house in Kent, two miles south of Westerham, in the Vale of Chartwell.

Churchill took all the credit for M and it was written up that Churchill, in his 'lost years’ set up a private intelligence network in his home in 1929. However, Churchill was substantially Morton’s public cover and confidant. M meant ‘mother’, and as art imitates life, ‘M’ is still the name of the governing agency both in the British Government and in the James Bond movies, as in “report immediately hq m”.5

Major Desmond Morton, or Morton as he was known, was the Supreme Chief of the Special Secret intelligence operations (M) and his role was pitched above the Prime Minister and his secret circle. It was above MI-5 (Internal), MI-6 (External) and the military. It was the monarchy’s special force.

M had free reign, not being controlled by any outside body other than the reigning monarch - and when it reigns, it pours. Rather than patriotism, ‘M’s role was to ensure that the larger events of WWII went according to plan. Such larger events were:

1. Conflict was to be prolonged until the profits were made and the power structures were in place for the next sixty years of social policy.
2. All peace negotiations were to be sabotaged.
3. America was to be drawn very publicly into WWII with America’s full knowledge.
4. Britain was to control all the assets of Nazi pillage.
5. All double agents were to be returned to safety with their deaths faked.
6. Doppelgangers to be released as dead, living in other countries, or alive posthumously.
7. Any incriminating evidence against Britain or America was to be destroyed.

Three such incidents were Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Dieppe in France, and Operation James Bond in Berlin. A study of these OPs gives us a clear understanding of‘Special Secret intelligence operations’, the transfer of power, the pointlessness of battle, and the games secret societies play.


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