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Son Söz, Karşı Casusluk

Burada Gizli İngiliz Ajanı Adolf Hitler'in Faaliyetleri hakkında önemli başlıklar bulabilirsiniz.

Son Söz, Karşı Casusluk

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Tem 2012, 11:04


Counter Intelligence

I knew that from 11 May, in the six months leading up to 1 -11 November 2005, I would be able to talk and allowed to communicate. Suffering from media shyness dating several years back, I never knew how this was going to happen. The date is partly due to the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII, partly because the Black-Opps peace agreement was developed 12 years earlier and had an llVi-year silence, and partly due to the media having come some way to catching up.

On 11 May 2005, it was also released that investors were claiming back US$8 billion for dishonoured bonds (off Germany) for their financing of Hitler. The British banks had funded Hitler and hadn’t asked for the money back. They probably thought it was money well spent. Things regarding Hitler’s history were hotting up.

I had been renovating my house down the line and had tools in the truck (4WD, 5 m long), along with a pair of $400 sunglasses, a $5 note, and a disk containing all ten books to date. I intended to lodge the disk in the painting shed but ran out of steam at the end of the day, so the disk remained in the glovebox.

The Spymaster came around at 1 pm on Wednesday 11 May 2005 and he had lost the paper ‘Gifting the United Nations to Stalin’ from Volume III. We searched through his car but couldn’t find it. It was then that I noticed that my truck had been entered. After completing the search we went back to the house. At 1.11 pm (11.05.2005) it was confirmed that the disk containing a copy of all books had been taken and nothing else (apart from the sunglasses).

The driver’s seat had been slid and tilted forward, something that only a large person would need to do. The glovebox was left open, as was the central console. The spare set of keys for the car was not taken and $1000 worth of tooling was also left in place. It looked like a professional job and there was no sign of forced entry. It looked like a fast job by a large person, with the sunglasses taken for cover.

The sunglasses or DNA off them could easily be used for planting at a crime scene using DNA replication lice, the same lice that changed the DNA structure of migratory Polynesians to Maoris during their migrations from the Pacific Islands to New Zealand. This is nature’s way of adapting to the new environment. It was discovered by a brother-and-sister team at Massey University in Palmerston North. One hopes that publication is still protection.

On the Monday prior, a friend had come around and we chatted for four hours. He gave me the lead for the ‘Missing History’ story (Volume III). When we went out onto the footpath we saw a new black Audi 4WD a spotter’s distance away.

The driver was at the bonnet and as soon as he saw us, he got back into the driver’s seat. He was huge, about 6’4”, 18 stone of muscle, dark brown hair, slightly balding (35). His partner was a similar description. The front bumper and indicator of the black Audi were removed. Most importantly, it had easily borrowed temporary yellow dealer plates.

They had been there for a while. When we got to the pavement, they took off, not noticing us, even though we looked at them quite intently, but in a way that anyone else would acknowledge us. It was after all, a domestic street and a reasonably friendly neighbourhood. They were really trying not to see us.

Without prompting, my very experienced friend said, “That’s weird.”

I replied, “That’ll be the SAS. They’re interested in all of my visitors, all of my movements, anything I say or write and whoever I contact. Part of it is to isolate me from anyone I ever knew. It’s all part of boiler plating [harassment].”

My house is thoroughly bugged. My car has a military tracking device on it and the SIS paid for the re-piling of the house next door in exchange for using it as a bugging station, reading off my computer screen, logging keystrokes, that sort of thing. Thus, everything that is said in my house goes straight to Intelligence and I use it as such. Because of this, Army Intelligence refuses to visit and I always have to meet them at ‘the place’.

On 28 March 2005 the Spymaster had come around with the Knowledge Carrier, a black woman in her early twenties who did not know her country of origin or her birth parents, yet the information she provided was beyond both of us and the detail and breadth of her knowledge was such that we were both gobsmacked, continually That takes a lot of doing.

She provided a different perspective. It was a history from the black person’s point of view. I told her I was a mulatto short of a quadroon and she said it didn’t matter. I wasn’t black.

I had managed to gather some psychological training in my travels, and after our third meeting I told the Spymaster, KC was working for MI-6, had been downloaded with information and was gathering a hit list to keep history suppressed and this would be released through scopolamine.

On the Monday (9 May 2005), I was travelling down the line to fit some hardware to my front door (knocker and lock). It took me five hours and I qualify as the world’s slowest builder. My shingle should read, ‘Sloth Builders, $6/hour’. On the way down, the Knowledge Carrier rang and left a message for the Spymaster who was also down the line. Previously I was in a naturally ecstatic mood, but became grumpy immediately after her call. Not only is the KC demanding, but it occurred to me that I was about to get robbed as both the Spymaster and myself were away. When I got back Monday night, I was surprised to find that nothing was stolen. That’s not to say it wasn’t copied.

The following day I went to both of my cars on the street. I noticed that a white van with red markings was at the house next door. The guy had a look in my direction. I was his ‘mark’. He was SIS tech support. In exchange for tapping my place, the house next door had its garage foundations re-piled four months after I moved in. Again I thought things were hotting up.

The next day, after the Spymaster came round and we had established that one of my papers from Volume III was missing from his car and the 10-volume history had been stolen from my truck, I asked him who he thought had done it.

“Well it could have been thieves because they’re lazy and don’t

steal tools. Those guys in the black Audi 4WD were SAS. It was most likely school kids. They’d steal sunglasses and a CD. They’ll probably write over the CD. Don’t worry about it.”

This is a common attitude amongst Intelligence - ‘Don’t worry about things you can’t change.’

I said, “It’s not rewriteable. They may try it as a new history with their teachers and we’ll see what happens to them. What happens to them would happen to us if we published under our own name. I knew the leaking would start on 11 May 2005. Still, it’s a good buffer for us. Someone else gets the initial blame ... I rang JBIII today.”

Spymaster: “An Intelligence Officer is all over him at the moment. He’s trying to get any and all information he can out of him, including his contacts.”

“Is he from Australia?”

Spymaster: “Yes.”

“So is the Knowledge Carrier. I want all reading done here now. Try and lose her for two weeks. I don’t trust her, the other girl, or the drunk. He’d give away any and all information for a peck on the cheek from either of those two.”

Spymaster: “That’s true.”

“Don’t bring any of them around. It’s almost finished and we’re changing history. I want all the reading done here . . . It’s important now. We can’t afford to fuck it up at this stage.”

A week prior KC was around here claiming that her surrogate father was the James Bond of the Pacific. She certainly carries the knowledge of someone whose sat around briefing tables from a very young age. She had complained to the Spymaster of symptoms that matched scopolamine and freely rings American Intelligence, Echelon and detective constables, calling them by their surnames and in a demanding tone. What’s most surprising is that she has all their phone numbers.

In private, I suggested to the Spymaster that she had been drugged, briefed with all the New Zealand cons ASIS knew of, and told to spread them around in order to draw out those able to acknowledge and correct them. She would then be put under scopolamine again to draw out the information she’d gathered in New Zealand.

“Spymaster: “She certainly told the police who killed who in infinite detail. They were completely taken aback.”

Some of the ASIS stories on New Zealand were wrong and some of them were deliberately wrong to fish for those with the information ... but my biggest worry was with the Mossad who now control Australasian Intelligence. Tasmania is targeted as the new Israel and New Zealand as their holiday home, slave colony, information mine and gateway to Antarctica with all its shenanigans.

But then New Zealand is a listening post with the highest rate of retired and swished spies. If you listen in New Zealand, you find out more than anywhere else.

“I won’t ring JBIII.”

Spymaster: “See ya.”

4.45 pm, 11 May 2005: I get into my car and drive it three metres and then repark it. I get out and walk to the shops with my mobile phone in my pocket. My mobile has been tracked and tapped for the past three years, part of the discredited Operation Leaf - discredited by the Prime Minister/Minister of Security and Intelligence who was doing the bugging. Through my phones they listen to everything I say.

Shopkeeper: “How are you?”

“I’m fine, but I’ve just been robbed. My car’s just been robbed. Nothing was taken except a disk with 10 volumes of books on it three years’ work.”

Shopkeeper: “What are you going to do?”

“I dunno. Probably lodge an affidavit with the High Court, registering the thefts and what the titles were.”

Shopkeeper: “Can’t you go to the police?”

“The police were behind it. They operate thieves in 90% of all crimes, all thefts.”

Shopkeeper: “Nooo.”


Shopkeeper: “What are you going to do now?”

“I’ll probably lodge all the information with the High Court and let them deal with it.”

I returned at 5.15 pm, open the truck driver’s door, removed the drink bottle, threw a box in the back and looked in the pouch behind the driver’s seat. The disk was there, returned.

It was the big SAS guy driving the black 4WD Audi import. That would explain the seat slid and tilted forward, no tools taken, the disk missing and then returned once my Merc had moved, my mobile phone was on walkabout and my conversation with the shopkeeper.

The SIS bugged and sabotaged my car from 26 March 2002 and changed this to a military device on the night of 13/14 August 2003. As soon as I moved the car, they knew they had a window of opportunity to return the disk to the truck. There was a spare key in the car and they took a soap impression and then had a copy made.

This was actually done 18 months prior. I changed my house keys but that was pointless. There was a period where break-ins to my house occurred two and three times a week. The front door was either left ajar, or with the keys in the outside of the door. This was boiler plating, designed to intimidate, saying ‘my life was theirs’ and they could terminate it whenever they felt like it. The reason I survived was that they really wanted to read the finished product . . . combinations of people who can write such books are few and far between.

It was just a normal day. It was a good day’s fishing for them and I’ve had three good years fishing for information they stole off me. There’s probably some mutual respect thing happening. It could act for or against me, but... ‘I can’t do anything about the things I can’t change’. Tomorrow, if I’m still amongst the living, I’ll have forgotten what yesterday began. The times they are a-changing... I wish someone would come and push back the clock for me ... But I’m already there in my mind and it’s good enough for now.

Friday 13 May 2005: My immediate neighbour on the other side has his power connection to the house repaired. Connections here are a classic surveillance technique. I spoke to the electrician, but he failed to give me any information and refused to look at me.

Saturday 14 May 2005: The Spymaster had come around at 9.30 pm to baby-sit for me. This was the first and only time he did it, but it gives me a great sense of kudos to say the Spymaster was my babysitter. My child should be able to dine out on that for a few years, but still, it’s service that brings results and results bring status.

That night, the Spymaster told me of a conversation he had with the Knowledge Carrier the night before.

Spymaster: “You’re working for MI-6. If you’re going to kill me, kill me. Get it over and done with. I’ve lived my life and I’ve done everything I wanted to do.”

Knowledge Carrier: “I promise to take care of your kids.”

Now this may not seem like an actual conversation, but it is the gist of the conversation without all the ums and ahs. She had an accent that came from everywhere. It was Irish, Trinidadian, Australian and Fijian. She came with no confirmed history, could not identify her biological family and was the Spymaster’s honey-trap, designed perfectly for him. She was the only person I’ve ever met who could keep up with his knowledge of history and intricate detail of events suppressed.

I had already established she had spent time in a mental hospital in Melbourne, Australia on the way here (Callan Park). This is standard practise to be referred to later for writing off the person as of no consequence and as cover if any charges were laid.

New Zealand is the spies’ holiday and retirement home.

In New Zealand it is not illegal for a woman to kill her male partner, as long as she is dark brown, lesbian, lesbians are attracted to her, or she has a history of mental illness.

The KC has 3 out of 4 of these attributes. New Zealand’s legalising of ‘female murders male’ came under the KGB operative Prime Minister Helen Clark, a renowned feminist and lesbian herself.

Sunday 15 May 2005: At 6.45 pm (dark), a 1.8 m (5’11”) tall black man walks over to my stairs, then turns back, opens the gate to the house above and tries a key in the front door. The woman inside looks out and then calls me. The key he had was for my house and made from soap impressions taken when my truck was broken into (mailbox key included). It didn’t fit her lock. He left, waving at the women behind the door - a typically relaxed protected non-traceable operative (NTO).

I thought about what to do if the NTO (black guy) came to my door. I’d leave the curtains drawn and take a leaf from James Bond Ill’s hit on Adolf Hitler in February 1964: “Are you the shooter? ... The job’s done. Tell them you did it and take the money.” The black NTO was later revealed to be a Rhodesian NTO known to New Zealand Intelligence.

I wanted to change my door lock barrel first thing, but was going fishing the next day so I decided to leave the front door deadlocked so the key wouldn’t work. I went out the back door and took the large key with me, of which there are only 12 variations. I also left my phone behind, turned off, so if they rang, it would go straight to message . . . and I left the radio on. Such was my security.

The Spymaster has been around every day reading and adding last-minute stories. Various intelligence communities from various suppressive governments want the finished product. My fear was they would add a virus to my non-net-connected computer. I copied this Afterword’ and left it on the dining table, at the front of the manuscript, and on the keyboard, I copied all of the work to date and gave it to my fishing buddy’s friend to stick in his mattress, delivered another copy to the Godfather, then put this sign on the front door, emulating James Bond III:

Job done.

Tell them you did it.

Take the money ...

I got back after fishing, the sign was still on the inside of my door and there had been no break-in. It’s no wonder, the large back door key was incredibly hard to fit, something to do with rusty locks. The Spymaster came around the next day at 11 am and told me what happened to him the previous night.

The Knowledge Carrier told him she wanted to start seeing a South African guy (white) and the Spymaster said, “Fine, Go.”

KC: “You’re not jealous or angry?”

Spymaster: “No, just go. Do what you want to do.”

It’s curious that the key had been stolen (SAS), a black Rhodesian NTO had tried to get into the house above using my key and the Knowledge Carrier had started seeing a white South African - all within the same week.

The Spymaster came around to my place the next day (17 May 2005) and did some editorial work and confirmed the KC was MI-6. The KC then came around uninvited. I remained in my office and changed from being a nice guy to saying: “Get rid of her. Don’t let her in.” She hears this, sees the sign “Job done. Tell them you did it. Take the money ...” - but doesn’t see me.

The next day two ex-British MI-6 officers (white, in their 30s) phone up requesting false names: 2.19 pm, “Is Gary there”; 2.31 pm, “Is Ben there”. I haven’t added question marks, because they weren’t asked as questions. They were actually recording and comparing voice recognition (Echelon) to see if I had been replaced by a doppelganger. I mentioned this to the Spymaster and gave a description of the people from their voices. He was worried very worried and said, “They are MI-6”. He suggests I take the book to the editor early.

James Bond III was equally worried.

Thursday (19 May 2005), the Spymaster came around and confirmed my worst fears. The KC is not even the stepdaughter of the man she claims to be her father - the James Bond of the Pacific. “He is her controller and we already know him to be an evil S.O.B. having caused many coups, even ensuring that some fail.” I tell the Spymaster that she’s here to clear out any intelligence rings. It’s her job to confirm the ‘Marks’ for the killers.

Just as I was finishing (20 May 2005) my printer broke down two-thirds of the way through the final print job. The paper tray had jammed half in. I took it to the dealer and it was like nothing they had ever seen before. I got a brand-new printer, straight out of the box and that failed on a technical matter, twice, which meant that my CPU had been fiddled with and I lost hours. They never asked for the loan printer back.

While I was out I got a call from my sub-landlord that builders would be around tomorrow doing an unspecified job. Now that both neighbours were bugged, they were moving in for the kill. I took my computer in and insisted repeatedly that they not put it online to download any printing programs. Three unknowns turned up, but double jeopardy, my computer had been at the dealers or was in the car. One of the builders knew the entire family of my closest relatives. This helped with their rapport-building.

The Spymaster came around (28 May 2005) and told me he had taken the KC to ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) for an IQ test and confirmed everything I had said. She had an IQ of 95 - low enough to know you’re not getting it, but bright enough to keep asking questions (annoying). The fantastic amount and detail of historical information she had, had been dumped into her subconscious via MK-Ultra.

The Spymaster suggested, “She was the illegitimate daughter of someone famous”. Yeah, with a maid.

A friend popped by to make it a proper treff and slipped something out that solved a case the Spymaster had been working on for three years ... something about a judge wearing nappies during filmed S&M.

On 2 June 2005, the Spymaster confirmed more information, that her father (illegitimate) was a seriously high-ranking British MI-6 officer. All these events just confirm my suspicions aired two months earlier. It was a severe case of bottulism all round.

After I had given the book to the editor and had mentioned, in my very bugged home, that it was at the editor’s, the driver’s licence and credit card stolen six months earlier were returned (9 June). Then, on 11 June, my other credit cards were stolen.

On 13 June it was known that I was going charter fishing. When I got into my car, the minor electrics had failed - radio, CD, rear window. This is all part of boiler plating. The message was: “Are you sure you even know how to tie your own shoelaces?”

When I got home early, the Spymaster rang just as I was putting two and two together. The Spymaster had been grievously assaulted in the previous three weeks. Eleven days later the assailant killed for the second time - this time his father (40), but because he was a minor, he would be let off to kill again. He’s tough, the old Spymaster. When he rang me after the assault, he didn’t even mention it, but you wouldn’t believe how much I laughed when I saw the nasal strapping. He mentioned that the 18 year-old double murderer was being groomed as a government hit man. As it turned out he killed again (for a third time) six weeks later.

I’ve been working on ten books and took one book to my editor on 2 June 2005. The day before, mail was sent and I was being sued by a school buddy of the Prime Minister, a person who owed me money.

It was obvious from their search that they received a lot of inside help, even discounting that their timing was perfect. The hearing for their case ended up at the same time and day as another hearing of mine. Each time I raised the sexuality of the Prime Minister (lesbian married to a homosexual child-sex abuser), the case was interfered with, postponed and I was charged. Rather than receive the amount due I was ordered to pay the amount due.

Interference or coincidence? What are the chances of that? It’s corruption and sexual collusion in the Courts.

So far three Courts have failed to sight my evidence and keep delaying me into higher Courts. There are changes being made in the Courts, but they are all to do with cosmetics, like delays.

The real question Western world citizens need to ask is:

‘To what degree are our Courts an occult mafia?’

While writing these books, including the constant thefts out of my home, car, bank account and insurance, I’ve experienced at least 50 incidents, over half of which were criminal attacks by the police or courts, including three lawyers through my architecture practise.

The legal system is primarily an occult mafia, but it is also a history mafia when challenged. The legal system is based on the current version of social history. As such, the Courts believe it is their right for others not to know right, and their version of false history is the only version that should be known. The truth hurts and it seems that I have taken many of the hits.

Mother rang me shortly after the London Underground bombings (7 July 2005, with ‘777’ signature as the Bible definition of evil) and invited me to lunch. Mother talks away and then slips something in. “You know, no one believes in your conspiracy theories.” I hadn’t given him any information. He had obviously read off the disk the SAS stole on 11 May. At the end of the day, Mother’s allegiances are towards the status quo. Information is not there to rock the boat, but to keep it on edge, levelled by the next report.

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 I rang the Godfather to make an appointment to see how his reading was going and arranged an appointment for Saturday morning 16 July. On Friday 15 July I lodged a High Court appeal against the Prime Minister’s school buddy who had employed me with fraudulent documents on 24 May 2004. This was two days after I had ended eight days of Mossad reconnaissance (16-22 May 2004) with a debriefing on their previous murder of the government historian, Michael King, on 29 March 2004 by ipecac and impact explosive on the petrol tank.

The Mossad were quite annoyed to have been discovered, but quite pleased to find someone to talk to. It was 4 February 2006 before they invited me to a meeting and even the Spymaster rang prompting me to be on time.6 They queried me on space. I found what they had to offer, dull, and the report came back, “He’s highly intelligent”. I would have been happy with “He’s quite bright” ... M had told me my work on space was shit.

Kitap: Hitler was a British Agent
Yazar: Greg Hallet and the Spymaster
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Re: Son Söz, Karşı Casusluk

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Tem 2012, 11:04

On Saturday 16 July 2005 I drove the truck to the Godfather and on my return the Mercedes rear right quarterglass had been smashed. I spoke to the neighbour and established that it had occurred between midnight and 8.30 am on 16 July 2005. Inside nothing had been stolen, not the money or the CD player, but the rear interior light (video & sound) had been pulled apart, the front overhead seatbelt light had been pushed in (video & sound), as had the passenger’s electronic seat adjuster (receiver) and the passenger lock cover on the door as it meets the frame had been removed (receiving signals, tracking & sending). All the parts were there as were the tools for the job - a 14 cm black slot- head screwdriver and its 12 cm Phillips adaptor. The Phillips adaptor was used to pinch the quarter light and break the glass. The slot-head was used to pinch off the light and seat control covers and it was this one that was in the black handle when they scarpered.

I later found out they had left the tools behind to illustrate their confidence in the system not to catch them and a slow leak in my rear left tyre as a little indicator that this was also boiler plating, just for the hassle of it all. The fingerprint department isn’t open until Monday and fingerprints only last three days, or so I thought. Given low priority, there was no chance, or so I thought.

The SAS had obviously read at least some of the ten books on disk they had stolen two months prior (including much of this one), saw the mention of the SIS planting tracking devices in my Merc (26 March 2002, 13/14 August 2004, 16 July 2005), and had them removed.

It also confirmed my suspicions about Mother, that they did believe what I had written and gave it enough credibility to try and remove evidence of their part in it, first by saying no one believed what I was saying and second by removing the tracking devices. Ironically Mother had popped in for a social call 18 hours before the car was broken into and spoke directly to the SIS, framed as a question, “I don’t understand why the police employed Graeme Capill as crown prosecutor when they knew he was a paedophile 21 months before he was charged?”

At 5 pm I drove the Merc to my regular takeaways/restaurant where I always purchase on credit card and by chance, inside was an SAS man. They stand out like dog’s balls - well built, late twenties, black receding hair, wearing a black polo neck and having to concentrate on having a civilian dinner with another couple as opposed to eating out of a tin can. As I walked in I noticed him checking out the rear light dangling inside the Merc and then checking me out. Initially I thought his stare was a bit camp but it seemed to have a certain admiration attached to it.

About three hours later the Spymaster popped in and I mentioned the break-in. He asked to see the tools the SAS had left behind. Looking at them he said, “It was a semi-professional job ... at least we now know you’re not paranoid, but others will still need some convincing.”

We got to talking and he explained how few people still active had his experience. We established that the SAS and the SIS did have this information and then so did the Prime Minister. Then I mentioned that this SAS guy in the restaurant was actually looking at me with some admiration, kind of looking up to me like a student to a teacher. The Spymaster didn’t say anything, but word will get to him soon enough. If he starts being treated with more respect then we know we’ve hit the believability button at the coalface.

A month later the SAS approached him and said, “You know we didn’t used to believe you, but now everything you’ve been saying has come true, well most of it.”

On Sunday I met the Spymaster again and he confirmed that international investigations had confirmed everything we had said in this and the other nine books and a summarised version was about to be published in magazine form prior to the election. These people are the old boys of an organisation so powerful they have access to all information currently available, unavailable, suppressed and stolen.

I queried whether they had accessed information stolen by the SIS and whether it had muddied the waters, but there were still things we had solved that they weren’t aware of - bigger than God and clearer than the wide blue sea - it came out soon after.

On Monday 18 July 2005 I drove to the police station and filled in the ‘Offence Report’. Senior fingerprinting officer Struan Ferguson was serving someone next to me and took an interest in my case. He took fingerprints off the screwdriver and came down to the car. He saw the rear interior rear light dangling, the safety belt light pushed in and the electronic seat adjustor with its covers off.

Struan Ferguson: “I’ve never seen anything like it.” He also said fingerprints lasted longer than three days.

I told him I thought the SIS had done the job and he replied, “SIS fingerprints would not be on our database.”

Welcome to the world of NTOs - Non-Traceable Operatives.

I had long suspected the Prime Minister’s school buddies of being NTOs. When I first tried to get money out of them through the District Court, my Merc was scratched the same night, the hood ornament was wrenched out and the driver’s window was pushed down, but nothing was stolen. The same thing happened this time when I lodged in the High Court and again before the night was out.

I showed the car to Mother. He said, “The Prime Minister’s people have done it. They’re on to you . . . You’re too friendly. Too many people know you linked the Prime Minister to Vladimir Putin.” But I never told him that.

Mother’s read it and Mum’s the word. So what am I, just an interested recorder of events, an active historian caught up in the politics of the Cold War as the New World Order emerges? A week later the “Police Complaint Acknowlegement Form” came through the post, “File Ref: No. 050722/5468”.

I lost a High Court Appeal of the same case to a feminist judge on 28 July 2005, got into my truck and parked outside the bank in Mt Eden village. There was a driveway in front of the parking space, so parking was easy and a few cars passed me before I’d finished parking. A $150,000 Black CL500 Mercedes coup (CAW834) then stopped the traffic for 45 seconds and parked in the middle lane of the main road right next to me. A large fit 58-year-old male in dark sunglasses got out of this car and started yelling and gestating in high anger, “Fuck you, fuck you ... I fucked your wife.”

It looked like he was coming for me so I locked my doors, wound up my windows, closed my sunroof and then wound down my driver’s window a few inches to, “I fucked your wife”.

I said, “I don’t have a wife”.

He appeared to be on methamphetamine. With three witness names gathered, I filed a complaint “File Ref: No. 050728/2968” and later asked the police for his address so I could send him a get well card.

They said they wouldn’t have a case officer for two months. Sometimes people do contract boiler plating for the government (police and intelligence) in exchange for not being charged for other crimes ranging from drug use and drug dealing to murder.

At 5.25 pm on 11 August 2005, police officer Graeme Bruges phoned and said he was working on the case, that the other witnesses had agreed with my statement and they had been to the listed address of the driver, but he had moved, and according to his record, he probably was on P.

No kidding.

Officer Bruges then said, “I’m going on holiday for two weeks, and when I come back I’ll try and locate him.”

Straight after the High Court appeal against government NTO’s, driving a flash car with a history of road rage, on P, moving house, no forwarding address and the policeman on holiday . . . this was perfect NTO material. It’ll be at least four weeks before they locate him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s overseas already, or if pressured, catches the trans-Tasman Seatow to freedom.

On 30 August Constable Graeme Bruges invited me to give a statement. I went into the station and it was all very cordial. He noted that it was strange that a person driving a $150,000 car should be living in a rental state house in a bad area. He said he would arrest him and the hearing would be in a year or so.

The next morning the Spymaster asked me which station I had been to and then told me that the driver of CAW834 was protected.

Authors work for years without pay and I had been after a loan on my rental house. After six weeks of haranguing it finally came through the same day.

Three hours later I got a fax from the High Court requesting payment for the defendants lawyers fees stating that my case had been abandoned ... 18 days before the election. The case was not due to be abandoned until 1 October, 14 days after the election.

Both the Disputes Tribunal judge and the High Court judge were lesbians and the District Court judge had been very cordial to me on one case and had jumped so far down my throat on this case I was still pulling his shoe-laces out of my throat a month later.

I had two separate cases scheduled for exactly the same time and day to be heard by the same judge who acted completely differently on the two cases. What are the chances of that? Judges are influenced by politicians, especially when that politican has had their hit thwarted.

Within minutes the Spymaster contacted me and said: “You’ll never believe this. Westfield property bought the Twin Towers two months before 9-11. Westfield is a front for the Mossad who bought it for Silverstein Properties - the Mossad. There was a clause in the purchase that they didn’t have to do any maintenance in case of terrorism . .. The building was insured.”

The Mossad purchased the Twin Towers in July 2001 when they required extensive maintenance and were near the end of their life. The buildings were attacked in an act of terrorism, the government cleaned up the mess, the insurance companies paid out, everyone else’s premiums went up worldwide, and Silverstein Properties ended up with a freehold empty section and enough.money to build again from scratch. Nice little stitch-up. Problem is, it changed the face of the world.

Things were hotting up. The KGB operative Prime Minister was under attack and erroneously thinks I’m involved. Who, me? I’m just a struggling architect who was the first to expose her. On 25 March 2002 I mentioned she was a KGB operative on radio. There was an attempt on my life on 2 April 2002,1 put my comments to print on 11 April and the early election was leaked on 15 April 2002.

“Hitler continues to pose a dreadful problem... If we don’t get Hitler right, the critics insist, we might not recognise the next Hitler.”

Hitler is everywhere now. There are parts of him in every leader in the world. Governments are occult organisations dedicated to the destruction of their citizens’ lives by whatever means is most profitable. We live in a Mafia State. You do in your country too.

New Zealand is ruled by a mafia of paedophiles.

What we are witnessing is the transfer of control from national governments to the Shadow World Government and from there to the One World Order where heterosexual male individuality is treated with the utmost suspicion - as virtual treason.

Patriotism is now treasonous.

All that defined yesterday’s heroes is now under attack.

Regarding the 11 May 2005 truck break-in, when I filled in the complaint form the Spymaster advised me to say that it was the SIS and Israeli’s who did it. In the computer disk stolen and returned the same day, I had mentioned that Hitler was a British agent and was trained at Tavistock, but reference to this was the least concrete part of the book.

The Israeli’s answered all my prayers. They confirmed Hitler’s Tavistock training eight weeks later on 7 July 2005 with their signature hit on Tavistock Square. In Golden Dawn coven/Freemason language 07.07.2005 is 0077 or ‘007 on the square’, in direct reference to James Bond and Ian Fleming’s escort of Hitler out of Germany at 1700 hours on 007.1945 - ‘007 squared’.

Tavistock Square is part of an estate owned by the Dukes of Bedford and takes its name from the courtesy title given to the eldest male in the line of the Duke of Bedford - ‘Lord Tavistock’ - with the younger males styled ‘Marquess of Tavistock’.

The Lord Tavistock’s had not been having a good run of it lately. The 13th Duke of Bedford had organised an open-air concert headed by Neil Diamond in 1977 attended by 56,000 people (56 people died in the London bombings). This Lord Tavistock died on 25.10.2002.8 Two years later in October 2004 MI-5 labelled WWII’s Duke of Bedford “a Nazi sympathiser”.

His son, the 14th Duke of Bedford died eight months later, aged 63, on 13.06.2003. The 15th Duke of Bedford was born on 30.03.1962 and The 13th Duke of Bedford’s estate included a safari park. The author had dinner at his Woburn Abbey in 1989 and it was here that he found out just how unpopular thinking was with the British.

had just had a son, the 16th Duke of Bedford, born on 07.06.2005, exactly 30 days prior to the bombings. He is the Marquees of Tavistock and when his father dies, he will be the new Lord Tavistock.

Bus No. 30 was driven off its route into Tavistock Square and blown up. It was an add on to the London Tube hits. The front of the building at Tavistock Square was all covered in blood - blood on its hands - and with this allegory still in tact, those in the front of the bus were left unscathed.

The Marquees of Tavistock was born on the same day as Adolf Hitler’s father, exactly 168 years later (Alois Hitler, b. 7 June 1837). In the Golden Dawn coven language, ‘168’ translates as “infinite one dead”.

Hitler was trained in the Tavistock military Psych-Opps war school from February to November 1912, 103 years prior - 7 July occurs right in the middle of that training.

Initially 13 died, plus the bomber (18) and then another died, an architect, the namesake of an author who had written about such matters, one Lee Harris.

Developed in the 1820s, Tavistock Square contains a memorial to conscientious objectors. This was unveiled in 1995, 56 years after the beginning of WWII and 56 people died.

The bombing occurred in the 56th year of Hitler’s death - 55 years and 136 days after he died. In Golden Dawn coven/Freemason language ‘55’ represents “the master of occult history” and ‘136’ is “dead bad luck”.

The bombers were all from England and from low-paying jobs. There is a theory that they undertook the bombings on the understanding that they were time-delay bombs and that they were organised to take the emphasis off Sir Bob Geldof s focus on the depopulation of Africa for its resources.

Of the people who died, all were British except for 12 foreigners. No American’s died and the only Israeli to die was a charity worker who was scared of suicide bombs on Israeli buses, so she moved to London dead bad luck, ‘136’.

During the London bombings, the surveillance cameras were all monitored by an Israeli so there was little fear of pertinent evidence catching up with them. The London policeman who said the bombings were done with military explosives was sacked prior to 6 August 2005 (when this information came to author) and the official release said that the bombs had been made out of common household products, but no one believes this.

It was an American and Israeli hit with Tony Blair’s complicity. In covering up the Prince’s Greek attraction to youth (Thomas Hamilton’s Dunblane massacre), Tony Blair had signed a document prior to 7 March 2003 allowing the US government to kill up to 60 Britisher’s or people on British soil in order to create the next oil grab (Syria) and sure enough, it was the Syrian’s who were blamed by the press the next day, with no evidence to back it up.

Between 60 and 160 dead would mean a proportionate reduction in oil prices for Britain and over 160 meant that the British government could kill American’s on American soil in agreed retaliation (another Israeli employment scheme), which would also suit the Americans who would also blame this on the Syrians.

This is the value in shame over a British aristocratic paedophile ring and it was what America used to bring Tony Blair’s Britain into the 20.03.2003 Iraq war.

This was followed by the promotion of back bench MP George Robertson to Cabinet Minister (1997), Lord George Robertson (24 August 1999) and then Secretary General of NATO (11 August 1999- 5 January 2004) for his part in supplying the Freemasonry letter of reference for the purchase of the gun for Thomas Hamilton’s massacre of 16 school children (16 March 1996). Robertson was accused of this on 11 March 2003, nine days before the Iraq war started, using FBI files as a reference.

Lord George Robertson, Secretary General of NATO, repaid the favour by protecting Afghanistan and ensuring that 98% of the heroin in Britain comes from Afghanistan. How regular are those NATO flights? Have they got their air-to-air refuelling yet? History is built on shame. Those with the most shame are promoted. Politicians regularly fail their way to the top.

The same month as the London bombings, Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was exposed by the Haaretz newspaper as having an affair with his wife’s sister, killing his first wife Margalith on 6 May 1962 (car accident), marrying his wife’s sister Liala (Lily) in 1964 (date unavailable) and then killing his first son Gur on 5 October 1967 (shooting accident), with their new son Omri (b. 8 August 1968) conceived the same month.

This shows a heavy influence of the occult.

Ariel Sharon had became Israel’s Prime Minister by special election on 6 February 2001 with much shenanigans. His son’s, Omri and Gilad were both involved in corruption over the 1999 election campaign, with Omri convicted of corruption and dishonesty on 26 July 2005 and Gilad refusing to give self-incrimination evidence.

Given Ariel Sharon’s history this is not beyond belief. He has been in the military since the age of 14, became an intelligence officer at 22 and then a major, reading Animal Farm (1945) and leading ‘Unit 101’ as a 25 year-old.

When his brutal disregard for human life was noted after the Six-Day War in 1967, he resigned and moved straight into politics. As Israel’s Defence Minister (1981-83) he was responsible for two refugee massacres in September 1982 and was forced to resign again. He has been successively known as the Butcher of Qibya/Lebanon/ Sabra/Chatila and Beirut and has failed and murdered his way up the ladder to become Israel’s Prime Minister.

With the assassination of Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzah Rabin on 4 November 1995 and no killer found, the warring Ariel Sharon is not off the list of suspects. He bores us with news of Middle East conflict every night, stories of his own making, which force out less violent and more relevant news.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, mid-July 2005:

“Suicide attacks around the world are driven by a common hatred for freedom. Ultimately terrorism can strike any country in the world that has an ideology of freedom, of democracy, that has an ideology of openness.”

Shortly after this Ariel Sharon ordered his minister’s not to comment on the London bombings and within a month passed into law: ‘Any expression critical of Israel or any anti-Semitic remark warrants extradition and interrogation, without limit to any country. That it is true, is no excuse.’

This was done with the London bombings in the forefront of his mind and these texts in the background - two months after they were stolen, three months prior to completion and four months prior to publication it’s already influencing history.

When Israel attacks foreigners they make it as significant as possible in order to give it mystical qualities. Tavistock is a very significant place and ‘007 on the square’ or ‘777’ was a very significant hit.

According to Hebrew interpretations ‘777’ represents God and ‘777’ is an offence against Jesus Christ. When written in the original Hebrew ‘777’ looks remarkably like ‘666’ which looks remarkably like a track of paw prints of a large animal, hence ‘the beast’. Later numerology got hold of ‘666’ and was supposed to represent someone’s name, either the Roman emperor Nero (Neron) or Hitler, but these are all just riddles that leave their mark.

With British complicity and under American orders those who organised the London bombings were intelligent enough to leave us clues. They were also intelligent enough to pick up on mine. Thank’s for the confirmation of Hitler’s British training . . . my condolences to the victims throughout history.

Israel is a wolf in sheep’s clothing barking that it is a sheep.

In an unpublished article to TIME magazine (9 March 2005) I had predicted New Zealand’s election would be at the end of September 2005. (A minium of three weeks notice is required.)

On 28 June 2005 I had written another unpublished article, “The Rainbow Warrior Bombing, An update on the Sunday programme on 26 June 2005” and vetted it with Mother and the Spymaster. The following day I phoned Donna Chisholm at the Sunday Star Times and met with her predicting former Labour Prime Minister David Lange would publish an autobiography just before his death and his death would be just before the election.

“When the nuclear issue came up for New Zealand ... David has written about this in his book, which is timed to come out immediately upon his death, as is another biography on Lange’s life by Dr. Michael Basset.”

I spoke with Mother on Sunday 24 July 2005 and he told me the election would be announced on Wednesday. Being highly bugged, it was announced the following day, on Monday 25 July for 17 September 2005.

David Lange’s book came out on Tuesday 9 August 2005. On the afternoon of Friday 12 August 2005, Mother contacted me and said: “David Lange’s life support was switched off at 11am. I just thought you’d like to know. He has a matter of hours or days to live. Keep it secret.”

I couldn’t help myself. The Spymaster was standing right next to me and after the call I asked him if he could keep a secret. I asked him three times and each time he said “No”, so I told him anyway. We then sat outside and he told me the KC was back. I said “Don’t let her in. Where is she?”

Spymaster: “Up the top . . . They’ve read your books. They’ve gone to the highest levels. They were going to kill you and everyone involved and then someone else read the books and said, ‘No, they serve our purpose. It’s about time the truth came out’, so they’re going to write you off as a Nutter.”

I just sat back and laughed and the Spymaster watched me for a while and said, “The books have gone to the highest levels.”

“Have they got the latest information or just the information they stole on 11 May?”

Spymaster: “I don’t know how they’ve got it, but they’ve got all the information. The third nuclear bomb really threw them.”

“They must have been reading keystrokes . . . who, the Brits and the Jews?” There was no answer. The Spymaster always protects his sources with no response and a completely unreadable face whenever he wants to protect his sources. “I can imagine you and me as the North Going Zac and the South Going Zac with the British and Israelis firing bombs at each other overhead.”

Spymaster: "This is the dinkum oil.”

I laughed again . . . couldn’t help myself and the Spymaster said, “I thought you’d react this way... I reckon they’ll delay Lange’s death so it won’t be announced on the late news, but in the Sunday papers.”

David Lange died at 10 pm Saturday 13 August 2005. His death was announced in the Sunday papers the following morning as having occurred at the start of the Bledisloe Cup rugby test match, which New Zealand won. If the government wants to stay in, test matches are bought and the All Blacks have been winning hands down. This was followed by full Sunday television coverage of David Lange.

9 March 2005: predicted election in late September 2005 to Time magazine; 28 June 2005: predicted David Lange would publish an autobiography and die soon after, but before the election; 24 July 2005: knew election was to be announced, as it was the following day; 9 August 2005: Lange’s book came out and he died four days later on the suspicious date of 13 August 2005. The election was due five weeks later and Lange’s death caused a lot of sympathy to the incumbent government.

It’s easy enough to rig a rugby test match with the awarding of penalties. The winning team has penalties awarded in their opposition half and the losing team has theirs awarded in their own half. If the bribe is big enough, the loosing team’s kicker, kicks for touch, rather than for goal. This is how the Lions lost all three test matches to the All Blacks in June/July 2005. It came with the complicity of Tony Blair’s paedophile minder, Alistair Campbell (ex-military) who fronted as the Lions maitre d’.

The Prime Minister had a consultation lunch with Alistair Campbell on 26 June 2005 regarding rigging the next election. First there was to be no KGB or lesbian information on Helen Clark, no homosexual child-sex abuse information on her husband, Peter Davis, no paedophile information on Jonathan Hunt, the High Commissioner to Britain; no coverage of Sir Peter Elworthy’s ‘death’, or Michael King’s ‘death’; butch lesbians were to hide from the public, no lesbians were to drive convertibles and lesbians were to disappear from public view in general; all Labour women were to get new bright pastel clothes and were to dress like heterosexuals; Helen was to lose weight and have her 55- year-old lesbian XY-self made to look like a 28-year-old heterosexual complete with manufactured teeth. This image was to be placed on an election pledge card. David Lange was to die just before the election engineering sympathy, and the leader of the opposition Don Brash was to be accused of being CIA backed. The latter was to prevent last minute accusations that Helen Clark was the KGB operative ie and had worked with Vladimir Putin in Wellington to launch a nuclear strike on American property during the Cold War - namely Canberra, Adelaide or Sydney in a rotating fashion.

After the chicken salad had arrived, the NATO delivered Afghan heroin was not to reach the market until after the election, regardless of who won. In exchange for no information on Tony Blair’s rock spider activity, Campbell would throw the Lions Tour of New Zealand which would make Helen Clark popular in the eyes of rugby fans. He would also ensure the world’s media remained silent on Helen Clark’s filmed sex with Heather Simpson at Anderson’s Cottage. He could only guarantee W remained quiet on it as long as she continued to not criticise the Iraq war. This was the deal. This was how it was engineered and this was how it was done complete with carbonated water.

Another interesting aspect of election rigging is the engineering of fine weather during the winter leading up to the election providing that feel good factor.

Under Operation CLOVERLEAF (1997-) aerosol and electro-magnetic operations, high frequency microwaves are used to manipulate the charged atmosphere for weather modification. Along with this are 4 beats per second extremely low electro-magnetic frequencies breaking down human biological and mental functioning ... and aerosol poisons dissipated by planes.

These particles (10% the width of a human hair) are made up of barium salts, aluminium and radioactive thorium, viruses, bacteria, fungi, desiccated bovine (cow) blood cells and mutated spores which secrete a powerful microtoxin, Ethylene Dibromide (a carcinogen and toxin banned in 1983) and Mycoplasma Fermetens Incognitus, the same Mycoplasma that created the Gulf War syndrome.

Weather modification is bought via bribes to the CIA who fly unregistered planes stolen off the American military and America companies as well as pre-modified commericial planes like the KC-10A, KC135 (707) and C-130s. These have been adapted with 500 litres of poisons stored amongst the sewerage bowels and are dissipated through the modified static discharge wicks at the rear of the plane’s wings.

Spymaster: “The CIA just waltz in with their bogus and forged documentation and commandeer the planes. They are not all commercial flights and some of the planes are unregistered.”

The poisons are so fine they are breathed in and enter the blood cells. Their toxic metals suppress the immune system, weakening muscles and cause cancers, Alzheimer’s, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, changes to the endocrine and nervous system, respiratory problems, coughing fits, shortness of breath, sinus headaches, respiratory failure, severe infections to the throats and sinuses, swelling of the lymph glands and liver damage ... and it only costs US$0.73<t per kilo to disseminate.

The cover for this is that the aerosols contain fine metalic particles which reduce the sun’s electromagnetic radiation to stop global warming, but GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX.

DuPont’s CFC patent was due to run out in 1985 and they wanted to stop Asian companies producing CFCs cheaply, so they banned them and introduced HCFC’s having the sole patent for this. HCFC’s are more expensive and less effective, but DuPont has the patent.

Mt Erebus releases more CFCs than all the rest of the world’s volcanoes put together and these are sucked up into the atmosphere during the spring and autumn equinox. To prevent this being measured, a plane crash was engineered.

When the 28 November 1979 Air New Zealand crash was arranged to hit Mt Erebus, DuPont and the CIA were present at all meetings. The CIA’s motto is to PROTECT AND ADVANCE AMERICAN BUSINESS. The Erebus crash now prevents anyone climbing Mt Erebus to test its CFC emissions.

The hole in the ozone layer was caused by a nuclear explosion in Antarctica in 1958. It was measured for 60 years and when the ozone hole began to contract in 2002, it was no longer news. Erroneously the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX is still with us.

Instead of spraying fine reflective particles to stop global warming, poisons are being sprayed to assist the new Avian Flu (H5N1) which has been designed to be as strong as the 1918-19 Spanish Flu that killed 50 million. The Bush administration has been having discussions as to the optimum number of people to ‘work the planet’ and their current estimates are around one billion (May 2005). This has resulted in experiments to kill 5 out of 6 people.

“United States health officials said this week they have started human tests of a vaccine against Avian Flu, which experts believe could kill tens of millions of people if it becomes easily passed from person to person . . . Usually, people catch the virus directly from birds such as chickens or ducks. Geese and wild birds and mammals such as cats can also carry the virus ... To date, there has been a small number of cases where human-to-human transmission of the virus may have occurred . . . public health experts fear that the virus may evolve into one that is more easily transmitted between people ... If this were to happen, a worldwide pandemic could follow . . . the public health community is concerned that the virus will develop the capability of efficiently spreading from human to human and thus create a risk for a worldwide pandemic . . . the vaccine [is] made by Sanofi Pasteur [with] Chiron Corp. of Emeryville, California.”9

Prime Minister Helen Clark stuffed up the importation of the vaccine ensuring that a less effective vaccine was purchased ... just as the previous Prime Minister William Ferguson Massey (1912-25) carried the Spanish Flu into New Zealand personally, refusing to be quarantined. In Freemasonry he was ‘M. W. Bro. W. F. Massey’ and for his efforts in eugenics (mass murder) a Freemasonry lodge was named after him - the ‘William Fergusson Massey Royal Arch Chapter No. 60’.

Deaths in New Zealand are due to happen with a cold snap in late October after the election and after a warm winter. The Avian Flu is due to arrive into New Zealand (the world’s test population) via planes carrying Chinese ‘Chicken-Sleepers’ from Manchuria on 10 October with the virus taking hold on 14 October," followed by an extreme cold snap in late October.

Almost all natural disasters are man-made and governments arrange emergencies to keep them in power. For the Bush government it was 9-11 and the Iraq War. For Blair it was the Iraq War and the London tube bombings. For Helen Clark it is 250,000 deaths from the Avian Flu.

The rules of Nordic-Anglo-Saxon colonising are that you have to limit the killing of ‘people with integrity’. These are noted as white heterosexuals. The plan from 1500 years ago is for those from Thule (Greenland) to sweep down to Antarctica over 1500 years and then to sweep back up again with a different species - modified humans - for the next 1500 years.

From 1945 this new species of humans - homo sapien 1.52 - has been developed with their ‘human’ aspects breed and trained out of them. They are now a race of technocrats - capable servants - 21st Century serfs rasied amongst the world’s largest geothermal lakes between Neuschwabenland and the South Pole, first accessed by U-boat under the ice.

Israel has taken over Tasmania on condition that the Australian population be disarmed (2003). At the same time the Avian Flu was successfully tested as a human killer in Korea, but its contagiousness needed to be improved. The Israeli government then enforced the withdrawl of its people out of the Westbank (15 August 2005) and gave each family US$800,000 and placed them in rental accomodation. They will soon be emigrating to Tasmania en masse, followed by the depopulation of New Zealand resulting in extremely cheap housing and an influx of very wealthy Israeli’s without the grief of the incubent population. At the same time the Antarcticans (Homo sapien 1.52) will merge into New Zealand, purchase houses with counterfeit money of a foreign country, but accepted by New Zealand banks (most likely the Euro). Their move from Antarctica to New Zealand will go unnoticed amongst the confusion. This is the way migrations happen.

History rarely notes the intricate details of a migration and rarely if ever survives to record another species.

That’s the plan, but gang aft aglae - things fuck up.

Normal peace agreements say ‘this is peace now’, with no definition of what peace is, and ‘if you cross this line, it is war’.

War is defined, but peace is not.

Peace was always some static thing on a spring summers day when nothing went wrong.

In between wars there is PEACE, FREEDOM AND CULTURE

which is maintained with ‘AAA’ - Acceptance, Acknowledgement, Attention and it is this simple formula that was used to send the above plan astray.

Yet another example of migration engineering and population control. It is how the face of the planet is altered.

J’ Accuse ...

J’Accuse Helen Clark of training with the soviets in Tavistock St Petersburg from 1968 and being the KGB operative ie.

J’Accuse Helen Clark of using the nuclear free treaties as cover for launching a nuclear strike on American property between 1978 and 1989. J’Accuse Helen Clark of complicity in the murders of Diplomat Chris Beeby, sailor and greeny Sir Peter Blake, Sir Peter Elworthy, historian Michael King and Green politician Rod Donald.

J’Accuse Helen Clark of letting out a contract in October 2003 for the murders of Sir Peter Elworthy, Michael King, Sharon Crosby and Alison Holst. J’Accuse no one of picking up the contracts so they went to Chief Justice Sian Elias who organised and funded the Mossad to murder.

J’Accuse Sian Elias of stealing over half a billion dollars and transferring the money to the Cayman Islands in 1989.

J’Accuse the Mossad of spotting this transfer and bribing Sian Elias. The Mossad would take over New Zealand and in exchange they would carry out any murders for Sian Elias.

J’Accuse Sian Elias of ordering the murder of her accountant brother-in-law in 1993.

Most of the money stolen was due to the Chinese and China threatened war on New Zealand. The Mossad intervened and an agreement was reached resulting in the Asian immigration of 1995. China would take over New Zealand by immigration, just as it has.

J’Accuse Helen Clark of three attempted murders on the author.

The first on 2 April 2002 using the SIS and the KGB.

The second on 23 August 2002 using the SIS and the Police.

The third on 14-22 May 2004 using the Mossad. The later was ordered with complicity of the Labour Party and initiated and funded by the Chief Justice Sian Elias.

J’Accuse Helen Clark of contract killing.

J’Accuse Dame Sian Elias of contract killing.

J’Accuse Helen Clark and Dame Sian Elias of competing to be the Mafia bosses of New Zealand and the South Pacific.

J’Accuse Helen Clark of promoting Jonathan Hunt to New Zealand’s High Commissioner to Britain after he was exposed as a paedophile by US Customs. J Accuse Helen Clark of being in an arranged marriage to a homosexual child-sex abuser.

J’Accuse moi of running a program to drop the Berlin Wall 10 years early.
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