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Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper

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Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper

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Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper

Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper (15 January 1914-26 January 2003) graduated from Christ College, Oxford in 1936 (22) and in 1939 qualified for the master’s degree as a research fellow at Merton College. At the age of 26, he wrote Archbishop Laud (1940). As a religious author with soft hands and no field experience, Hugh Trevor-Roper (31) was then sent to Berlin to investigate the authenticity of Hitler’s death.
Trevor-Roper then wrote The Last Days of Hitler (1947), The Gentry, 1540-1640 (1953), The Rise of Christian Europe (1966), The European Witch-Craze of the 16th and 17th Centuries (1969), Final Entries, 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels (1978), Catholics, Anglicans and Puritans (1987) and From Counter Reformation to Glorious Revolution (1992).

Hugh Trevor-Roper was made the Regius Professor of modern history (1957-80) and Master of Peterhouse College, Cambridge (1980-87), during which time he authenticated some 60 volumes of the Hitler Diaries which covered Hitler’s innermost thoughts from June 1932 to April 1945.

These were fake, fraudulent and another very well funded attempt to disguise the true events of WWII. The Hitler Diaries were discovered in 1980 by journalist Gerd Heidemann of the German Stern newsmagazine who paid £2,460,000 for the 60 bogus volumes, around £50 per word. Stern published them on 25 April 1983 and they were simultaneously published by The Sunday Times in Britain and sold to Newsweek (US).

Konrad Kujau (46, also known as Konrad Fischer) had told Stern journalist Gerd Heidemann that he was receiving the volumes from an East German general who had retrieved them from a German aircraft that had crashed in the village of Bornersdorf near Dresden in 1945, after it had left Berlin.

On Adolf Hitler’s posthumous behalf, Konrad Kujau had previously written poems, a sequel to Mein Kampf and the beginnings of the opera Wieland the Blacksmith (Wieland der Schmied). Gerd Heidemann (54), a Third Reich aficionado, used his money from the deal to buy Hermann Goering’s yacht.

Historian David Irving obtained copies of the Hitler Diaries in December 1982, and concluded a few days later that they were fake.

Regius Professor of modern history, Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper, then Lord Dacre of Glanton, had been hoodwinked. He claims to have expressed serious doubts the day before it was to be published and phoned The Times editor Charles Douglas-Home on Saturday 24 April 1983 (not The Sunday Times) and his message did not get through to the correct newspaper. His endorsement and his failure to communicate effectively when it really counted darkened his reputation and brought much of his previous historical work into question. The West German Federal Archives then declared the diaries to be “grotesque and superficial forgeries”, something which historian David Irving knew all along.

Kujau, a balding, portly, jocular man, who revelled in publicity, was captured by West German police on the Austrian border three weeks later on 14 May 1983. With journalist Gerd Heidemann he went through an 11-month trial and was given a four-year prison sentence for forgery.

When Kujau was released in 1988 suffering from cancer he declared to the press that he was going to write a memoir called “I Was Hitler”. Ten years later The Originality of Forgery (Die Originalitat der Falschung) was published under his name, but he did not write it.

Konrad Kujau then became a celebrated forger and made a fantastic living selling genuine forgeries of Hitler, Monet, Rembrandt and van Gogh paintings. With his new-found notoriety he signed the paintings with the original artist’s name and his own name. By the 1990s he was so popular his paintings were fetching up to £42,000 each and a counterfeit sub-market appeared in fakes of his fakes.

Such is history - fakes upon fakes.

Kujau (27 June 1938-21 September 2000) then ran for mayor in his hometown of Lobau in 1994 and in Stuttgart in 1996, failing both times.

Despite lecturing propaganda history for 26 years and making the biggest historical booboo of the twentieth century, Hugh Trevor-Roper was retained as the great WWII historian and made honorary fellow and life peer in 1987 - cover upon cover.

Baron Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper believed in his own intellectual rigour and could make up history with the eloquent language of his breeding. His elevation was enough to give him a following in England.

Hugh R. Trevor-Roper was a naive intellectual who was easily bluffed by his own employers. His employers, the upper crust of British society and intelligence, gave him kudos, position and status for recording their eloquent status quo of investigative lies. As a result he was made Baron Dacre of Glanton.

Baron Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper died aged 89 from cancer in a hospice in Oxford and was survived by three stepchildren. He was British aristocracy and wrote their history with a handcuffed pen.

History is the recording of lies from which to build an uncertain peace and justify the next war.

As long as that works, it is the history that is selected.


British Army Major Hugh Trevor-Roper (left) used the testimony of SturmbannFührer Erich Kempka, Hitler’s personal chauffeur (right) as the basis for The Last Days of Hitler and Britain’s history of WWII.

Trevor-Roper was assigned to the task by Dick White (MI-6) later director-general of MI-5 (1953-56) and Head of British Secret Intelligence Service (1956-68).

Richard ‘Dick’ White was a close friend of the treasonous spy, Anthony Blunt, and MI-5 Security Inspector, Baron Victor Rothschild, ‘the Fifth Man’ in ‘the Cambridge Five’. From 1935-63 the Cambridge Five managed to leak all Britain’s military secrets and intelligence operations to Russia.

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