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Burada Gizli İngiliz Ajanı Adolf Hitler'in Faaliyetleri hakkında önemli başlıklar bulabilirsiniz.

Florür Suçlu

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Tem 2012, 11:10

The Fluoride Con

One of the by-products of the manufacture of aluminium WWII planes was fluoride, which is difficult to dispose of. The addition of fluoride to the water was first proposed on 29 September 1939 by Gerald J. Cox Ph.D. of the Mellon Institute. His job was to find uses for industrial byproducts. In a PR speech built on something that didn’t exist, he said, “The present trend towards complete removal of fluorine from water and food may need some reversal... it may help with tooth decay.”

There was never a trend towards the removal of fluorine out of food or water at the time. It was not even an issue. Fluoride does nothing for tooth decay; however, it does increase infant mortalities by 36% after five years.

The fluoridation of water was a complete fabrication from start to finish. However, the Germans were building huge numbers of planes and openly tested the fluoride by-product on Jews and found it made them more manageable, reducing their powers of lateral thinking. This made it more difficult for the Jews to link events with larger-scale ideas.

This is why fluoride is still used today - for population compliance. Fluoride, like religion and TV, is an opiate of the masses.

Germany, France, Holland and Japan are some of the few countries without fluoridated water. In Germany it is illegal to put any product in the water. Germans refused fluoridated water for its post-war population, arguing that Adolf Hitler used it mixed it with the water to dumb down populations, thus making it easier to conquer nations.

The Japanese culled out all their lateral thinkers 2000 years ago and the Chinese 50 years ago. Germany, on the other hand, culled out its nutters under Hitler.

New Zealand is a country where the practice of lateral thinking is seriously frowned upon, has restricted media time, if any, and is outlawed wherever possible and by whatever means available. As such, New Zealand was one of the first countries to supply fluoridated water (1950), well before the tests were complete.

Rather than culling out its nutters, foreign powers have been filming Kiwi nutters having ‘sex they shouldn’t be having’ and then elevating them to the highest political positions, up to, and including, Prime Minister.

This scenario has been so successful few Prime Ministers have escaped this sure thing. First they are given fluoride, then they are malleable, then they are filmed having sex and then they are malleable in politics. Once malleable in politics, they are elevated into positions of influence.

Hitler had metal teeth surrounded with porcelain, was a noted and filmed coprophiliac and was then placed in roles where the position accelerated his status. Hitler was the perfect role model for this scenario.

The fluoride in toothpaste is sodium fluoride - a byproduct of aluminum production. It is not a good thing.

Fluoride can be good for your teeth, but it has to be naturally occurring calcium fluoride. There is a region in Denmark where this occurs naturally and the locals have good strong teeth.

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