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Timur and the Truth about the Isfahan Situation

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Timur and the Truth about the Isfahan Situation

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 07 Tem 2015, 01:36

Timur and the Truth about the Isfahan Situation

Lets talk about the real truth of what happened during the Isfahan situation. What really happened, was:

1. Timur aimed to conquer Isfahan at 1387 AD.

2. Timur and the Isfahan Population made an Agreement: "If Isfahan surrenders, no harm will come to anyone". It is a tradition in the Turk Culture that if a population surrenders, no harm will be done to them, they can live their religions and culture forever, and it is a well known fact that foreign people always became rich and had high status jobs in the Turk state.

Most important example is Marco Polo, how could such a foreign person become so famous and so rich, if the Turks(Kubilai Khan) were racists? And look at the dozens of examples with Ogedei Khan, when people surrender to Turk rule, they always got peace and equal rights, genocide was never committed.

Look at the Ottoman state history, you will see that Armenians, Jews and other foreign people had always been very rich with high status jobs.

Look at the people Attila trusted most, you will see they were all foreigners. Look at the sources of Priscus, and you will see that foreigners could become very rich merchants under the Hun-Turk rule because of the equal and non racist laws. Look at how noble the Turks are, and look how disgusting, unhuman and racist the US army is with their 1,5 million of genocide against the Iraqi Muslims during a PEACE PERIOD, just for the purpose of WEAPON TRADING, SLAVE TRADING, HUMAN ORGANS TRADING, OIL TRADING!

3. Isfahan surrendered, they agreed with the terms of Timur.

4. 4.000 Chagatayid soldiers of the Army of Timur settled into Isfahan to rule in there.

5. The Isfahan Population BROKE THE AGREEMENT, AND KILLED 3.000 OF THE 4.000 CHAGATAYID SOLDIERS. 1.000 Chagatayid soldiers rescued their life's with luck, sheltering in the city.

6. In reaction to this treason and massacre, Timur responds with the killing of 70.000 Isfahani people who were involved in the massacre of the 3.000 Chagatayid soldiers. So, the numbers of 100.000, 200.000 or 17.000.000 is totally a lie. OF COURSE, the death of even 1 innocent person, is something to be sad about. But there is NO GENOCIDE DONE at the situation in Isfahan, this is a clear WAR, and it is the Middle Age period, a period of constant wars and conquest. Altough the agreement and surrender, the Isfahan Population kills 3.000 of the 4.000 Chagatayid soldiers, and Timur reacts to this and kills 70.000 of the Isfahani people, this is clearly a WAR!

Source: Prof. Dr. Cüneyt KANAT
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